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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  September 23, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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c1 . new developments into an investigation in scottsdale. a former mma fighter is accused of attacking a woman in a parking garage and his home. this is rodolfo ramirez who was taken into custody on wednesday. they haven't said if he was an amateur or a pro. the woman apparently passed out from drinking too much and her friend this is video just into the abc newsroom. he just made his initial court appearance. police believe this was an isolated incident. >> we just got our hands on a report on a scary plane crash
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skydivers. they heard a loud noise and the skydivers managed to jump out and the pilot jumped out, suchering serious burns. two people inside it is homemade it out okay. an official report is expected to be released soon. you have probably seen the attack ads between paul babeu and tom >> reporter: this is one of two debates scheduled for district one that goes from flagstaff to the eastern edge of the state and into pinal county. sheriff paul babeu is the republican in the race and said
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care of veterans and get rid of obama care. o'halleran switched parties and is running as a democrat and wants to increase job opportunities for the middle class, but what is a big issue is coal fired electrical plants. >> i will fight for coal. i will fight to protect those jobs, and my opponent says one thing to summon the media and then goes to another meeting and tells them the opposite. >> i will not vote to close any one of those power plants. i will make sure that the epa regulatory environment is one that takes into account the needs of our community. >> reporter: and things really got heated in the debate en they started talking about abuses at a massachusetts boarding school where babeu
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scrapped an event set for ohio and now is in new york getting ready for monday night's debate. mike pence visited a packed church in mesa last night and touched on many tropics including what is unfolding in north carolina. >> there is so much more in this country that unites us than will divide the people of the united states. it's already there. t the economy and immigration. updates to the continuing battle on replacing the supreme court justice chair, donald trump is expected to release his expanded list of possible nominees. we got an early preview and no one is on the list but it includes several state university iss and a few court of appeals judges. and a new poll found that clinton's lead over trump is shrinking in two key battle
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secretary of state by two points in colorado. and her lead is only 6 points in virginia. a guy with a gun racing from police at more than 100 miles per hour on the freeway. it happened this morning while you were sleeping. take a listen. >> 102 miles per hour now cutting through traffic. requesting stop sticks. 10-51, the subject armed. >> with a rifle in hand, police say that the driver ran to a convenience store at nd street and cactus. the area was evacuated. at one point, the officers moved surveillance cameras. see that? that was so the suspect inside cooperate see -- couldn't see what the positions were of the officers outside. breaking overnight, two bad crashes on opposite ends of the valley and unfortunately, one turned deadly, goodyear on the loop 303 near mcdowell.
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control. one person was hurt and a second purpose was ejected and died, and a second incident where a driver may have hit a light pole. two people were ejected. of they are expected to be okay. picketing sky harbor, airline mechanics walking off the job and on to the picket line. allison rodriguez has more on why they are so upset. >> reporter: about 100 people harbor. you can see them right here with three signs. one of thems without us, it's just a machine. the mechanics' organization is upset with southwest airlines. the local group is trying to spread word about what they say is unfair contracts right now. theysay they actually don't even have any. it was four years since they had them. and they want to educate people saying that the airline is
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workers to unlicensed workers in other countries, namely el salvador and south america. >> aircraft technicians have been four years without a contract. they want a contract. they are tired of a 4-year pay freeze. >> reporter: southwest released a statement saying in part while we are disappointed by the lack of partnership, we remain committed to continue working with them by focusing our time the issues at the table. i am told they are expected to hit the negotiating table again next week. allison rodriguez, abc15. new information from scottsdale from the fire department. we are told that crews were called out after smoke was seen coming from the second floor of a townhouse. this is near cactus and shea. a woman had to be rescued in one of the units and was taken to the hospital.
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learning her condition. we are told that the unit had a smoke detector and working sprinklers. no one else was hurt. if you stepped outside, you may have noticed it's nice, iris. i was in mesa, and it was beautiful. it was but we are seeing a haze across the area. and it looked a lot like fog when the sun was coming but it's not the case. it's dust kicked in from the strong winds, winds from southern california. and tell linger for a while, and we have the breezes kicking up this afternoon. they won't be as strong as yesterday but enough to disperse the particulates in the area. check out the dew point, down in the 20s.
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we are clearing out the storm chances and getting cooler air. we'll talk about how cool it will stay today and what to expect this weekend in just minutes. the deal is done, marriott announcing a merger with starwood. it's done, a $13 billion deal. this lumps big hotels like the phoenician and w under the marriott umbrella. the company's president said it should working at valley hotels. marriott is the largest hotel chain in the world. it's nasty but your kids can pick it up at school, lice, the drug-resistant variety. it's spreading fast. >> i wasn't going to get another opportunity. well, arrested for a pie in the face, the alleged attacker
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year's monsoon, we want to know: were you disappointed? did you feel like there was a lack of storms in your neighborhood? lock on to abc click on 15 links to vote. a new pa o rovesources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records sheriff paul babeu. related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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you know, we just started the school year and super lice is back. >> each time we start itching. the north valley charter school, the kids that have it, they'll be sent home if they are infected, and super lice is tough to treat. over the counter treatments won't work anymore. >> there is no quick cure. there is no shampoo, nothing to -- no pill. you have to manually remove
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rid of head lice. >> oh, some of the treatment centers charge $100, broken down into one hour and 15- minute periods. no one is laughing at this pi, in the face prank but the
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15 newsroom. a man jaywalking was hit by a car and has just died. it happened at 19th and glendale. that area was shut down for sometime. for the first time, we have pictures from the pieing, so- called, from former suns star kevin johnson. the mayor of sacramento hit in the face with a pie at an event this morning. the man who did it why. >> reporter: in jail with cuts on his face, sean johnson explain yes he hit the payor with a coconut cream pie. >> i felt like it needed to happen and i wouldn't get another opportunity. >> reporter: he claims he acted alone saying that his views of peaceful protests were not enough. >> i decided to escalate it. and if you see it as an a
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your interception. i thought it was a soft version what he deserved. >> reporter: the 32-year-old claims that the mayor's priority is the new arena and not the people of sacramento and wishes that mayor johnson would focus on creating jobs and helping the homeless. knowing he has just a few months left in office, johnson chose a charity dorn -- dinner to slam the pie in face. >> i said you need to better represent your people. and he looked me in the eye when i said that. >> reporter: johnson fought back. would you do it again? >> absolutely. i would do it twice. we have breaking news here back in the valley. not much to see on this adot camera. however, we know that the lupe
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was shut down due to a police situation. again, southbound a man was spotted with a gun. the backup is a mile or two, so as you approach university, you will see the cars almost at a stop. okay. they--i just heard from my producer. it appears that a man was detained, taken into custody. so they will start opening loop 101 southbound ag it will be slow. just be aware. they vow to protect your community and in hours from now, the fairs -- arizona guardian angels will be back out patrolling the streets. tonight at 6:00, they will be in the south phoenix area. the last time that the serial street shooter struck was on
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call silent witness with any tips. new information about the man who died in tulsa. the bullet hit terence crutcher in the chest. betty shelby surrendered overnight, and crutcher's family said they are pleased with the charge. shelby said that crutcher acted unreasonably. in north carolina, president obama is calling for peace and for the they did listen. policesay they have arrested the suspects who shot and killed a protest they are week but they are demanding answers in the death of keith scott who was shot and killed outside his car tuesday. >> i said, i love you, son. he said i love you, love you, mom. that's the first he ever said it like that. >> the mother of keith scott,
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she said that he was reading the quran as he waited for his son to get off the school bus. policesay that scott had a gun and they felt threatened. the family attorney said he didn't own a weapon. >> we have to be honest about the situation. every spouse doesn't know anything and everything about their spouse. every child doesn't know anything and everything about their loved ones. at the end of the day if the evidence shows t gun recovered from the scene and it was on his person, then we have to deal with that. >> the video from the dashcam and the body cameras, they will not be made public until the investigation is over. people in utah, boy, what a mess to clean up. a tornado touched down in the washington terrace area. it damaged homes and toppled trees and power line and a lot of people had to wake up
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for safety reasons, and it's hazy out there, iris. yeah, the dust is lingering in our area, and i wanted to talk about the monsoon. a lot of people think we don't get enough rain. we are not done yet. we still have time to go. the monsoon officially ends at the end of the month but check out the numbers. so far, we had almost 2.5". and that puts up just de .1" from the average rainfall. so it hasn't been a bad season. yeah. it started off slow in june, july better, but august brought the most rain and yesterday with the additional .25", that helped to bump things up. technically, yesterday's storm was not the typical flow but still within the season and it counts towards our rainfall for the season. and we still have many days to go, and i have rain chances in the 7-day forecast so we could
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give you the update if you were wondering where we stood so far. as you look at the desert doppler with me, we are still tracking a few light showers southeast of the phoenix metro and southeast of cast can -- casa grande and moving towards hayden, globe. and this is the area if you were with me earlier this morning that i mentioned we had to keep an eye on through southeast pinal and the white mountains. the valleys will stay dry through the afternoon. a few showers east of pinetop, lakeside and north of greer but the valley, quiet with the hazy dust lingering but not expecting any rain. you can see how much drier it is in comparison to 24 hours ago with our dew points dropping by 40-plus degrees in
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in and that drier air in the brown is pushing the moisture off to the east. so all of the green will continue to push out of here. as we lose the moisture, that chance will push out. spots like casa grande and pinal county you see some moisture but the valley, clear and the rest of the state, dry throughout the afternoon. overnight, clear skies allowing for cooler temperat tomorrow, mostly sunny skies and dry state wide and heading into sunday, dry for the valley but a few more clouds will drift in with the higher terrain off to the east and we will bring back a rain chance for the high country, mainly in eastern arizona starting sunday. the rain chances continue next week for the high country. for the valley, our rain chances come back for the middle of the week, and we could see a slight chance of a few shower, possibly storms,
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few days. in the meantime, right now at a nice 77 degrees, picture perfect as we head into lunch time. still dusty and hazy. we'll warm to 82 by noon and today's high, 86. we'll talk about the breezes and have a look at the weekend next. thank you, iris, and so, drivers in tempe, you will notice a big green box on mill avenue. you can see it right there. >> that's to improve and safety for bikers called the bike box at 10th and mill avenue, and it gives bikers priority. drivers, stop at that line before the green box. let the bicyclists fill in the space between the cars and the intersection. the city of tempe hopes it will prevent crashes. >> we refer to them as a vulnerable user.
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>> so this is also part of a push to make the area more bike friendly. if all goes well, you could see more green boxes popping up in tempe. no excuse to be bored this
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so the rain has cleared out, and now it's time to plan for the weekend. we'll help you out. >> this weekend, the final maricopa county home and garden show of the year, and we stopped by yesterday for a bit of a preview. more than 900 booths will be set up. >> it's the largest home show in the southwest. >> everything from home
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gardens, we have the celebrity guests this weekend that we are really excited about. >> hillary and david from "love it or list it" will be there tomorrow. general admission is $8 for adults. should be fun. coming up next, tracking the unrest in charlotte. what happened as protesters broke curfew to fill the
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tensions spilling into the streets for a third night dispute the mayor ordering a city curfew from midnight to 6:00 a.m. in charlotte, north carolina. >> and there were very few run ins with police. maggie willie has the latest. >> reporter: for the third night in a row, protesters fill the streets of downtown charlotte. gear and more than 400 national guard troops brought in from across the state to stop this from happening again. violent protests that left one dead and dozens injured and shut down a major highway and damaged several businesses with both sides calling for calm. >> we want peace. we need change. >> reporter: police have not yet released the dash and body cam s from the moment that keith lamont scott, a 43-year-
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killed by a black police officer. the police say that scott had a gun and they felt threatened. scott's family said he didn't open a weapon. in his hand was a book. >> my baby didn't do nothing. >> reporter: the video will not be made public until the investigation is over. >> the video does not give me absolute definitive visual everyday that would confirm that a person is pointing a gun report scott's family saw the video for the first time thursday n a statement, their lawy s video, the family again has more questions than answers. when he was shot and killed, mr. scott's hands were by his side and he was slowly walking backwards. violent protests have led to 50 arrests and hundreds of thousands in damage, and we have seen positives, volunteers helping to clean up and bring the community back. abc news, charlotte. we just got a mugshot of a
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over inmates. a valley detention officer behind bars accused of having sex with an inmate. roy ramey was booked on five counts and works for they estrella jail since 2015 but he is now out of a job. newly released video of a new york terror suspect shows him allegedly planting a pressure cooker bomb. it appears to catch ahmad rahami placing it on the curb, and then two men take the bag with them. a passerby actually kicked the bag with the bomb inside. thankfully, it did not go off. today, we are expected to learn more about a record-
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organized crime task force. the new video out of the denver area, a woman recovering from a stab wound. she claims her dog did it. a knife was laying on her kitchen counter. when she walked into the room, the knife was in the retriever's mouth. she said that her arm was slashed as she reached for no one believes here and police were sent to investigate. and we are happy to report that mia the dog will not be charged. new video out of san diego as police are investigating a scene as they say a less than sober woman jumped off a freeway overpass after a fight with another woman in the back of a taxi. the woman got out in the middle of the roadway and jumped down 15 feet but surprise will, she was not hurt. we suggest finding a different
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police in maine say it's a miracle that a 3-year-old survived a harrowing crash. a car flipped on its top. the girl's mother lost control and the truck rolled several times. the woman was killed instantly, you about -- but the little girl was trapped. a man living nearby was surprise that does she was okay. >> we had to cut the seat belt and move the car seat around. she was tied into the car seat pretty good. family dog was also thrown from the truck but was not hurt. there is a reason why alaska is known as the last frontier, probably because of this. the good people of anchorage getting a wild surprise, a black bear on the run blocking traffic in downtown and doing window shopping. the anchorage police department posted this video on youtube. fortunately, nobody was hurt but the bear ended up in a
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tranquilized to be released back into the wild. and a boat plunges over a dam in hatfield, wisconsin. furthermore, nobody was on board at the time. the boat is just one of many that became unattached and the current swept it away. it's unclear how many were damaged. it's said to be the biggest night of the es campaign so far, donald trump and hillary clinton in a tight race nationally and in critical battle ground states. trump needs to stay calm and collected, officials say, and clinton needs a different approach. >> she can't talk down to an audience like oh, just another person out of washington, d.c. that doesn't relate to our
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not to react, no cheering or booing and the tv audience is expected to reach super bowl levels. dallas past -- mavericks owner mark cuban tweeted this out. he regularly slams the republican nominee for not releasing his tax returns and endorsed hillary clinton in his we are 45 days away from election day but the voting ballots for early voting are out in idaho, minnesota, south dakota, vermont, and wyoming. here are just a few key dates to jot down. early voting begins with october 12 but you must be registered to vote by october 10. if you plan to do early voting, you have to request it before the 29th.
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how else can you sample all the best that arizona restaurants have to offer for a fraction of the menu price? it's arizona restaurant week. that's the only way >> look at that food. it's lunchtime and tell -- it will make you hungry, have one of the chefs here, and i have to say you have been working awfully hard in the kitchen. >> oh, yes, we have. >> tell us about the dishes. they look like works of art. i am sure you don't want to dip into them because they look so great and i'm sure they taste great 72 72 -- >> oh, thank you. and we have a grilled corn cake and green chiles and roasted red pepper sauce. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is our arizona strip
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course. and we have an au gratin potato with cheddar cheese and a toasted bisby corn that we call it. >> what is your favorite thing to serve because it's your favorite or that people eat it up? >> i i love a new york strip, nice and tender off the grill. >> i'm distracted by what do we have? >> we have sole, blood orange and pickled red onions and sweet potatoes. >> and beets, i actually like them, one of the few but i do. >> and we have quinoa granola. >> and that looks amazing. >> a grilled pork chop with a
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for last because we want to test it out and we can't talk while trying it, and i decided to do the sacrifice. >> oh, i broke it. >> see, now you have to eat it. >> this is the strawberry apple by. it's one of my daughter's favorites and a fan favorite. >> so what if someone wants to come to restaurant week and wants to check you out, what do they need to know? >> $44 for a 3-course meal and these are not the we have, and we have a wine pairing for an additional $22. just show up. >> and there is the information to the screen, and this is a good time for folks to come in and experience this. the price. >> and a nice price, a date for couples out there. chris, thank you. excellent stuff. coming up next, you know, there was a data breach, the largest ever in history, in fact. and how can you take action to see if any of your accounts have been hit by the hackers
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>> and solar for your home, the questions to ask before making the move. >> and you might want to start making morning activity plans for the next few days.
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watching wall street for you, the dow down 109 points. and thousands of you, you have already turned in your galaxy
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smart phone, and samsung says it has received half a million phones, about half the number recalled a few weeks ago. the batteries, they could overheat and catch fire. yahoo, it's on damage control following news of the largest data breach in history. it was showed that 500 million accounts were hacked two years today, the company will explain why it took so long to report. your kids are no longer left out of the breakfast at mickey ds as the fast food giant will test the breakfast options with breakfast happy meals but this is in tulsa,
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are an option. and we are taking action to help you find out if your information was exposed in the massive data breach. you can check haveibeen -- what is that? okay. there you go. look at it right there. [laughter] it's run by a security researcher and enter the e-mail addresses linked to your account, and the site will tell you when the breach happened, what information been affected. joe ducey with courtney holmes and the top sick solar. maybe you thought about it for your house, save the earth and save money. but the key is to find a good provider with a good reputation online and hasn't had any problems. will you finance them or lease them? >> and how much can you save every month.
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and check with the provider to make sure that the numbers are realistic. >> and look at the contract. get someone you trust to look over it with you. it's a 20-year commitment in this cases. >> you can go to will let -- let joe know facebook page for more. and the department of education is announcing that it's cutting ties with the nation's largest a creditor for the for-profit schools. it's accused of lax over site including the now defunct corinthian colleges and itt technical institute. the agency plans to appeal the decision. listen up if you have a child going to the u of a. you might be footing the bill for the president's retirement. ann weaver hart is stepping down next summer, one year
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the transition plan has the student body and, yes, taxpayers paying her even though she will be gone. there is a new way to get your read on in peoria. the city's main library is stocked with ipads and apps on lap stations, but thanks to a new grant for just little kids. how to write is to use your fingers. so they're swiping. they're pitching. they're pointing. they're moving things around and that is all getting them ready for school. >> you can stop by the peoria main library to check it out and sign up for a library card as well for a chance to win a prize. it's part of national get a library card month. the state's largest medical
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former bank building at 6800 square feet near hayden road and frank lloyd wright boulevard. there will be specials all grand opening weekend. ever dream about filling the boots of a fire department? now is your chance. the phoenix fire department is firing with a written exam november head to for more. this is the last weekend to grab your tube and head down the salt river. it's closing for the season. and all the rain we had, it's will cooling down a bit. a little cool, and as we head into the weekend, the overnight temperatures will be cooler, and that may not help in case you want to get to the
11:50 am
bad. and as we look at the arizona department of environmental quality temperaturation, we are seeing an improvement in the haze. that was dust that was kicked in to our area all the way from southern california where we had strong winds. we felt breezes here, too, but as we go through the day with breezes kicking up here in the valley, we'll start to see the haze disperse a little more but still seeing a bit of it as we look outside and you'll it as you head out to lunch soon. we'll keep the breeze this is afternoon, and check out the difference until the -- in the humidity, 15% as the dew points have fallen in the 20s. they were in the 60s this morning at 4:00 a.m. so you can see the drop in dew points indicates the drier air that was pushing in. it will feel more comfortable when you step outside and the temperatures, feeling good,
11:51 am
we have a lot of 70s across the valley and still 80s in spots like peoria, glendale, surprise, low to mid-80s. ahwatukee in the 80s, too, but not bad for the second day of fall. we are getting to enjoy the cooler air behind the storm system that brought the storms to the valley areas yesterday and the gusty winds. the cooler air is settling in and will keep the temperatures comfortable and below average. over the next couple days, high pressure is seth up to the west and the highs will be below average through the weekend. then early next week, we could bring in more moisture and bring back the rain chances. but as we look at the futurecast, showers east and southeast and the rest of us, a dry day. tomorrow, dry conditions across the state and sunday, still looking dry before the rain chances go up by the middle of next week. the high country, just a slight chance of rain and the middle
11:52 am
chances will go up with higher chances in the higher terrain. the breezes, lighter today and we'll still feel them but gusts just at 20 miles per hour throughout early afternoon. in the high country, lighter as well compared to yesterday but northeast arizona, catching stronger gusts. look at the high temperatures, highs in the mid-80s by this afternoon out of the mostly clear skies and check out the highs around the state. not seeing we're talking 60s and 70s up north. tonight, in the high country, cold, below freezing in the grand canyon and chandler and levine and surprise, also cooler. it might not be a bad idea to make the plans for the early morning hours, 64 degrees at 7:00 a.m.
11:53 am
a great start tomorrow and sunday morning, good as well and warmer in the afternoon, and we'll keep the 90s in the forecast through next week. okay, that doesn't sound good. a surprise landing for this pilot in. >>jeff. -- jeff rhodes crashed into another plane after he won the national air races. the cameras on the wing capture the crash. >> you can see the second impact. he is traveling at 60 miles per hour at the time of the collision and it's good that you walk away from it. everybody is okay.
11:54 am
yo o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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now to the results of the poll of the day. we wanted to know if you were disappointed with this year's monsoon storm. look at that, 77% say yes. 23%say no. we have now information about the police situation from earlier that we reported as breaking news, loop 101 southbound was shut down north of the u.s. 60 as a passerby reported a guy with a gun the overpass. turns out, there was no gun here. the guy was arrested anyway. todd hanson, arrested on unrelated charges. the freeway is back open right now. >> 4:00 will be here before you know it, and we have a quick check of what's coming up. and let you know what we have on a friday. can it be fixed or is it a disaster? a lot of differing opinions when it comes to obama care. and using his strength to prey
11:57 am
about an mma fighter facing sexual assault charges in the valley and a major company announcing a merger. what it could mean for thousands of marriott jobs and your next vacation at 4:00 on the now arizona. >> happy friday, fay. >> happy friday. >> and this weather is like a gift, iris. i know. we have been waiting for this all summer long. today in the mid-80s and then 50s and 60s in the morning, hiking, will be backed this weekend, and we'll warm each afternoon into the 90s and we'll keep you posted on the rain chances middle of next week but overall, not bad. the breeze will help clear out
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? >> announcer: today, we're showing you how to get away with brunch. carla's serving up a morning masterpiece with "how to get away with murder's" charlie weber. michael and clinton are teaming up for a bro-tastic brunch session. and see how this floating new york bar servemo just cocktails. the brunchin' starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ? >> hey, everyone. welcome to "the chew." thank you. thank you. thank you. today is all about a special meal. thank you. a special meal that's unlike any other.


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